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about zonas:
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  • Zona fulfilled her dream in 1981 by opening the Yonge Street, Newmarket location.
  • Operating as a team, her mature, well-trained staff were trusted by parents from near and far.
  • The trust came as a result of shoe and child development knowledge, combined with a system of charting each child's growth.
  • Properly fitted, comfortable shoes that enable growing, busy feet were assured.
  • Parents know just when to expect the next growth and shoe change, thus avoiding buying shoes at the wrong time.
  • TODAY we are proud that Zonas is still operating with the service and values that you can trust for your child.
Parents are often “shocked” when the first time they visit, we advise them NOT to purchase shoes. Just before the birthday, for example, we would measure and then re-measure a bit after to ensure that the growth spurt that usually takes place around this time, has finished.


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