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What We Sell

Running Shoes

Zonas carries a wide variety of running shoes for boys and girls, from playground to everyday wear.


Zonas carries an extensive line of children’s summer sandals. Our sandals are designed with a soft, comfortable construction, cushioned footbeds, gripping outsole that will be effective on slippery ground too.

Baby Shoes for sale - Newmarket

Baby’s First Walkers

Zonas knows how important it is for your child/toddler to have the proper shoes for their growing feet. We work with you on what shoes are the best for your little one’s feet.

Dress Shoes for Children - Newmarket

Dress Casual

These shoes are great for everyday wear to going to that special event.


What we do



We fill prescriptions for outflare (reverse last), straight last and Denis Browne Splints from birth using a complete line of Markell footwear.

Children with AFO braces require footwear that is carefully fit and enabling.

Children and Adult foot issues often require firm heel counters, shoes that come in multiple widths, and correct arch support.

Issues that include pronation, supination, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arthritic conditions, flat feet, bunions, and hammer toes are assisted with the proper footwear. Care must be taken to know the footwear construction to ensure proper correction. “Overcorrection” can increase the severity of the symptoms.

Zonas carries a variety of footwear to address these special needs for children and adults.


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